Raza Siempre Motorcycle Club is holding their First Annual Car and Bike show this Saturday in Midland for a great cause--all to benefit underprivileged kids. Bring your car or motorcycle out to show--for a $30 entry fee with proceeds to benefit the fund to buy Christmas gifts for needy kids in the area. There are many categories to enter that'll be on display: Motorcycle bike, Motorcycle Low Rider, Lifted Trucks, Lowrider Trucks, Hot Rod Cars, Low Rider Cars, even pedal cars.

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It's being held this Saturday the 14th from Noon til 6pm at Bill Williams Sports Complex, in the parking lot. The address is 1300 E. Wadley Ave, Midland. Set-Up and Registration if you're showing is at 11am. DJ Ricky Rich will be there for entertainment, as well as food trucks and vendors,,, As well as a Cornhole Tournament at noon--gotta register for that at 11am if you're playing. Open Doubles $20 per person, $40 per team, 100% payout. You can find out more here.

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