There are so many homes in Texas, and some are just regular built homes that we pass all the time driving somewhere. But sometimes you see a house that is just unbelievable to see. One of those houses sits right in Fort Davis, Texas.

Pyramids In Texas? There's No Way!

Yes, it is indeed true that there is a pyramid in Texas. Which is very hard to believe, we know. But yes there is one in the Lone Star State, and you could live in it.

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You Could Own Your Own Pyramid

The Zillow Listing shows the full details of the home. This pyramid house was built in 1986, and the listing even includes the fact that the house has a pool! And just because it looks ancient doesn't mean it isn't able to handle amenities like cable and internet.

Suffice to say, this pyramid is modern real estate mixed with a little bit of history. So let's take a look at some pictures of the house, shall we?

Why Did Someone Build A Pyramid In Fort Davis, Texas?

One thing you didn't expect in Texas: A pyramid! This house for sale in Texas is fit for a pharaoh.

We feel like living here would be rather interesting. Would you live here? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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