I get it. You've worked hard for half the year. We've all been inside on lockdown, then outside with masks and social distancing.... Now with the vaccines out there, restrictions are all but a thing of the past and the "old normal" seems right around the corner. All of that, coupled with the February we all went thru in Texas with the power grid and all the problems that came with blackouts and freezing... We are ready to cut loose and have a party! Some even took today (Friday 7/2) off work so they could have a four day weekend.

However you plan to celebrate-whether it's going to downtown Odessa for the car show and street party tonight, or to downtown Midland for the fireworks, live music, beverages and food tomorrow night... Keep this in mind: having gone thru what we've all gone thru and experiencing the need to cut loose and have fun with family and friends and get a release--is not an excuse for being irresponsible and partying too hard and then getting behind the wheel.

And DPS just announced they will be adding patrols and officers to the highways in West Texas this holiday weekend. So--don't drive if you're drinking--spend the night where you are and drive home the next morning if you're at a house party. If you're at a city celebration--call an UBER. And even if you've not been partying and you're just running out to the store--WATCH YOUR SPEED. Let's all play it safe and responsible this 4th and enjoy the fact with each other that we are getting back to our lives.... And don't forget to have Lonestar 92.3 on as the soundtrack this weekend!

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