If you are an Amazon Prime lover like me, get ready to pay more for it. Every time we turn around it seems like some company is raising their prices. Starbucks just announced another price increase and not too long ago Netflix announced they were raising their prices. When does it stop? It stops when we start canceling their services, but let's be real, we aren't canceling anything.

For example, cable services, you would think they would drop their prices with all these streaming services available, but nope! They continue to go up in cost.

Amazon Holds News Conference
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Amazon just announced they are increasing their monthly/yearly cost beginning February 18th. The monthly cost will go from $13 to $15 and if you pay yearly, your cost will go from $119 to $139. When I signed up for Amazon Prime it was $99 and thought that was insane. I understand the cost of shipping has gone up but has gone up $40 per person.  I also understand that you get music and movies and stuff, but if you want to watch a new movie or series, you have to pay extra for it. I know that when I watched the first two seasons of Yellowstone, I had to pay $20 per season to watch it. When I purchased the two seasons the price had actually dropped, that was one of the reasons I decided to watch it.

Even though I am sitting here complaining about the cost of my Amazon Prime membership going up, I am too am one of those people who won't cancel my membership because I love getting my packages in two days.  We are supporters of our own problems.  What do we do?

Jeff Bezos should start sending out  thank you cards.


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