The Limestone Kid is making his return to the Hacienda Event Center. Last July Parker sold out the outdoor theater at the Hacienda and this show I am sure will be no different. The show will be on June 9th. Tickets are on sale now!  Joining Parker McCollum will be special guest Larry Fleet.

Parker McCollum has always been a fan favorite here in Texas, he's been on the Texas Music scene for many years and has recently blown up nationally. Last March he was awarded New Artist of the Year at the ACM Award in Las Vegas.

This week it was also announced that Parker McCollum will be joining Morgan Wallen on his 2023 tour along with Hardy, Ernest, and Bailey Zimmerman. This is a huge tour for Parker. This could also be the last time we are able to get him here, so you better see him while you can.

Parker has a song called "Hell of Year," the song itself is about a rough year but now it's kind of become a motto for Parker because every year that passes seems to be a hell of a year in a good way. In 2020 he got his first national number-one hit with "Pretty Heart." In 2021 he got his second number-one with " To Be Loved By You." In 2022 he sold out shows all over the country and married his bride, Hallie Ray Light. I would say the last three years have been pretty good for Parker. I am sure his current single "Handle On You" will reach the number-one status as well.

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Parker McCollum wants it both ways. Restless soul who can slam dunk a major venue. Texas spirit who can exist on mainstream country radio. Songwriter with a sense of turpentine and truth singing for people whose life isn’t quite the truckbed/field party revel much of country music would have you believe. 

Coming up in Texas, selling out Stubbs, Billy Bobs and Nutty Browns, the brash young man with a taste for Rodney Crowell, Todd Snider and James McMurtry had just enough Houston gangster rap in the water to develop a swagger that’s miles from the good ole boy patina so many of his peers embody. But don’t let that bravado fool you, his passion for songwriting runs deep. Parker McCollum 

Parker McCollum
Parker McCollum

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