Every form of social media wants to have the latest and the greatest right? Snapchat has just released their newest feature a virtual map.

The map feature lets you know where your friends are and what they are doing. It want to let you know what friends are in your area and what they are doing.

This app is so precise it will tell your friends what building you are in or what house you are at. This could be a very dangerous new addition to Snapchat. Parents make sure you check your kids phone, They could be giving their location to anyone.

There is a setting where you can ghost yourself, to where people can't see you.

On the other hand, this could be a good thing for parents, you can know exactly where your children are and what they are doing. This is something that I feel people need to be aware of, because sadly not everyone will use this to just see where their friends are.

To access this feature, you go to camera screen and pinch it together like you would a pic, and it will take you to the map. From there you can see your friends all over the world.

I'm not saying this featuring is a bad thing, I just wanted parents to be aware, of what their kids could be sharing. 

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