Homecoming Mums are a Southern tradition and many El Pasoans, as well as other Texans, love to create and proudly display their mums with pride.

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Some of my favorite homecoming mums are from my junior and senior year of high school! My mom made the one for my junior year and for my senior year, my date's mom made it so we were matching. It was so cool; however, it would probably pale in comparison to some of the mums I've seen these days!

While I'm super happy to see so many show off their mums, I was also surprised at how much they are! Mums these days are not basic; some have lights, some are extravagant with stuffed animals and just so much is added to them that I would never have thought would go with a mum.

Over on TikTok, many are showing off their mums and user @Rachel5041 is giving everyone an inside look at how much mums cost!

$800?! That's crazy!

But when you think about it- it kind of makes sense. When you factor in supplies, time spent and creativity, $800 sounds about right! I remember my mom making mine and it took a lot of time and precision; you don't want a mum with everything falling off!

The tradition of the Homecoming mum started in Texas back in the 1950s and 1960s according to Country Living. Now what's seen as an over-the-top adornment to a homecoming dress started out as a sweet, simple tradition. A small token, like a corsage, given to a girl by her date for homecoming week.

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