One of my wife and I's favorite things to do since coming to Midland is to go to the Feed Store and get pellets to feed the ducks at the duck pond over at Wadley-Barron Park. Never a good idea to feed them bread if you plan to go--always get them pellets from the store that are made for wild birds, or tear up some romaine lettuce. Bread is very bad for them With this warm weather we're having-it's the perfect time to get some exercise and go for a walk and feed the fowl.

The pond is pretty long and makes for a good circle--maybe do a few laps and say hello to all the feathered friends who are sitting around it. You may even find one hiding above you if you stop and look up once in a while....


They say you can burn about 250 calories per hour going for a walk--so it's great exercise for your muscles AND for the waistline. We'll see you out there!

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