The entire time I have worked here everyone joked about a little boy haunting this place. People that have worked here in the past have said they have seen things or heard things but in the past year the abnormal activity has picked up.

About a year ago we had a guy who worked here saying he would see something pretty often. One afternoon I came in after being out on location and there was no one in the building but the light in one of the studios was just flickering when it should have been off. One day Gunner was in his office working and said he was for certain something brushed the back of his neck. A few minutes later our general manager swore she heard someone outside her office laughing. The next day they pulled up footage from our cameras and you could hear noises and see orbs moving all over the camera and it sounded like someone singing.

Another we had a new girl that just started and she was the only one left in the building at the end of the day she was going to go to the bathroom before she left for the day and right after she got in the stall the lights turned off. I told her it was the little boy telling her to get out. LOL

This morning we are thinking he struck again. I was walking through the kitchen and looked over and saw coffee all over the counter. The pot was still on the warmer with a little bit left in the bottom. It was almost like someone poured the pot all over the counter.

A few of our AC units have been out for some time now and it gets super hot in here in the afternoons. I told everyone it was the little boy telling us he is tired of being hot and to get the AC fixed.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown


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