We are excited to announce the return of Josh Turner to Tall City. Josh Turner will return to Midland to play at the Wagner Noel on Saturday, October 21st.

Josh Turner is bringing his 20th Anniversary Long Black Train Tour, presented by AEG,  to the Wagner Noel, Saturday, October 21st. Tickets will go on sale this Friday at 10 am. However, we are hooking our LoneStar923 listeners up with a chance to buy their tickets early.  LoneStar listeners can purchase their tickets this Thursday from 10 am until 10 pm. Your pre-sale code is LONESTAR.

Tickets will be between $43 and $93. Get Your Tickets HERE! Please make sure to get your tickets here, so you don't fall victim to scalpers.

Josh Turner is instantly recognized by his distinctive bass voice. No one else in country music has a voice as keep and as smooth as his. Josh Turner has scored five number-one hits throughout his career that include, "Your Man", "Would You Go with Me", "Why Don't We Just Dance", and "All Over Me."

He released his first Christmas album in 2021 titled, "King Size Manger."

Throughout his career he has earned many accolades: six Inspirational Country Music Awards and has been nominated for two GRAMMY Awards, five CMA Awards, two ACM Awards, one CMT Award, and seven ACA Awards.

Josh Turner's career has been a family affair since the beginning. He married his college girlfriend Jennifer in 2003, the same year his album "Long Black Train" was released. Not only does she travel on the road with him, but she also sings backup

Wagner Noel, Josh Turner
Wagner Noel, Josh Turner

vocals, and plays the keyboard in his band. They have four sons together.

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