The ramp relocation phase of the construction project at 191 and loop 250 has begun. If you're coming from the south end of Midland or off 191 and you're trying to exit north on the Loop 250--you'll have to do it PAST the Wadley entrance, as construction has begun at that section of the loop. That ramp is permanently closed and new ramps are being constructed. If you wanna exit at Wadley northbound on Loop 250, you have to take the 191 exit and then use the service road to get to Wadley. The southbound entrance ramp to the loop will also close and you'll also have to use the service road to access the Loop as well. However, the southbound EXIT ramp will remain open for now but will close in the next phase of the project. With all the intermittent closures and changes, expect some congestion and lengthier travel times in the short term while ramps are redone.

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The entrance ramp to Loop 250 between 191 and Wadley will also remain open for now, but will also close during the next phase so that new ramps can be built. This entire project is called a "ramp reversal" project. All entrance ramps will become exit ramps, and all exit ramps will become entrance ramps. This project, re-doing all the ramps-isn't expected to be completed until late 2023. There will be other closures of ramps along the route in the coming months as the project progresses. This is being done to streamline traffic flow and alleviate congestion for drivers to reach their destinations quicker. One of the ramps at each location will be elevated, the other grounded with what is called a "braided" ramp configuration.

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