When the polls open tomorrow in the Midland-Odessa area, Texans will not be required to wear masks to cast their ballots. Over 93 million people Nationwide have already voted-but in case you're one of the thousands that waits til Election Day--a Federal Appeals Court stopped an order that would have required all voters to wear masks. Masks are being recommended by officials, but they cannot enforce their use.

However--if you're a WORKER at one of the polling places, you WILL be required to wear a mask. Curbside voting will be available for disabled voters-call the election office to set it up--in Midland 432-688-4890, in Odessa 432-498-4030. You have to be physically unable to get out of the car in order to curbside vote.

To see voting locations in Midland County, click here.

To see voting locations in Ector County, click here.

Exercise your most basic American right and get out and VOTE--let your voice be heard November 3rd!

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