Public Policy Polling conducting a survey wanting to know what animals people where most afraid of. I agree with poll for the most part and I actually fall into six percent of the poll. Here are the nine animals people are most afraid of

9. 1%  Wolves

8. 2% Spiders

7. 5%  Bats

6. 9% tigers

5.11% said cockraches

4. 14%  Bears

3. 18%  Shark

2. 19% Alligators

1. 21% Snakes

The funny thing about this survey is that 6% of people said they wanted an alligator as a pet and 26% of people said they wanted a tiger as a pet! Well you all know I fall into that 6%. I would have an alligator as a pet!

To me there is one animal missing! MICE!!! I am deathly afraid of snakes but mice, heck no, I'm not trying to be anywhere near a mouse.

What animals are you most afraid of???

Miami Herald/Getty Images

Miami Herald/Getty Images

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