We all have our childhood memories of ringing in the New Year at home with our families. At my house, my mom used to hand out pots and pans from the kitchen with wooden spoons-and at midnight we'd all bang on the pots and pans with our spoons to welcome the new year in. And of course--as you get older--like 7th grade, 8th grade,, high school, so on and so forth... It's not so cool to be up late in your PJs banging on cookware with kitchen utensils--and you trade all that in for parties with your friends and significant others. All a part of growing up--and you look back on those memories of being little and being silly at home with your parents--and you'd give anything to go back there again.

Well--here we are about to ring in 2022, and year number 3 of the pandemic. Let's all be safe out there, party responsibly, don't drink and drive--call and UBER or a Cab... And cherish the memories of simpler days gone by as we look to the future! Some celebrations you can stop by and enjoy are:

Knights Of Columbus will host Los Musicos at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, 7601 Grandview in Odessa for an evening of great music and dance starting at 8 pm. This is a group outing as there will be no single ticket sales. It's a Bring Your Own Beverage event-but they'll have party favors, coke, tamales, and Menudo. Find out more about the event here.

The Hacienda Event Center on 191 will host Los Vendavales starting at 7 pm. For information on the event click here.

And something for the whole family Friday 12/31 at Altitude Trampoline Park, 5161 E. 42nd Street Odessa. Bring the kids in for plenty of jumping, fun, and games--including a prize balloon drop at noon! Click here for info.

Whatever you choose to do--Happy New Year and be Safe!!

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