There's a new lineup for weekends here on Lonestar 92.3! We've moved some of your favorite shows to different times and added a bonus show on Sunday nights to get you into the new week on a fun note! Moving times are:

Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton. You can now hear how your favorite songs are ranking on the top 30 Country charts on Sunday mornings from 7 am-10 am. Lon always has one of your favorite artists as a co-host so listen in and find out who!

The Road with Steve Stewart. Two hours of LIVE country music as Steve hits The Road with your favorite Country stars in concert! You can now hear The Road Saturday Mornings from 6 am-8 am.

And--the Brand New addition to Lonestar 92.3:

Taste Of Country Weekends. You told us you wanted a fun weekend show that kept you up to date on what your favorite stars are up to, and that played all your favorites from those artists. We listened. Your daytime weekday Hostess Jess On The Job turns into Jess On The Weekends and hosts the Sunday night 7 pm - Midnight show with all of the latest Country Music News, Interviews and FUN to get you into the workweek as we expand the weekday show "Taste Of Country Nights" to the weekend! Check it out Sunday nights on Lonestar 92.3!

And of course, your weekend On-Air lineup during the day remains the same-Marco 10 am-3 pm Saturday and Sunday, and Clay Moden 3 pm 7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Take us with you all weekend long!

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