The posadas are coming and with it comes delicious food and some real fun games.

A very popular game to play during a holiday party with family is Lotería! It's like Bingo, but instead of numbers you call out objects and people.

There are a variety of themed Lotería- there's the new Millennial Lotería and the COVID edition of Lotería- but now, there's a new savage type of Lotería that you have to ask if you're brave enough to play it in front of friends and family: Ex-themed Lotería! Check it out below:

This level of pettiness got many in the comments riled up- with many who thought it was hilarious and others who thought it was excessive and unnecessary.

This doesn't look like something that healthy people do.
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Wrote one commenter. Many agreed that this was too much, and obviously that the family was the problem if they were able to round up pictures of their exes to create a whole game of Lotería.

Others were pressed on the fact that they had that many exes, but it looks like there were many people involved- it's not like it was one person's exes. Obviously, the commenters would not be doing this kind of game, but I think it's kind of hilarious.

In the end, it looked like they were having fun, and it's not that serious for all the backlash they got. If you gathered around and made a Lotería with some of your friends and family, I'm sure it would end up being a hilarious evening!

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