Look, we get it, guns and gun laws can be a sensitive subject. Like many tools in life, if used appropriately by responsible people and hands, their usefulness to the good residents of Killeen-Temple, Texas area is nearly impossible to deny.

If you were not already aware, criminals avoid, ignore, and brazenly defy laws. It is why they are criminals. If you were to ask a run-of-the mill Texan who they believe are not aware that criminals don't follow laws, who do you think they would name?

  1. Children? No way, not my kid.
  2. A non Texan? Look, they have plenty of issues, but this one problem is not one of them.
  3. Members of the Texas Legislature? Ding. Ding! DING!
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What would this new gun law do?

It would require gun owners to take out liability insurance that essentially covers any potential chaos that is caused by their firearm. This insurance would be in place to cover life, limb, and property damage etc.

At its simplest description, Senate Bill 913 does sound fairly reasonable. We are required to have insurance on our automobiles because of their potential to cause catastrophic harm to life and property. However, owning a car isn't a Constitutionally protected right like the 2nd Amendment.


So, if you can't get in the way of owning a gun, how could the legislature make owning a gun more tedious? Quite obviously it is with the power to tax. It, arguably, doesn't exactly infringe the right to bear arms, and it has been declared by the Supreme Court to be constitutional.

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