Texans, it's time to get excited because Dr. Pepper has just unveiled a new flavor!

Dr. Pepper has had many flavors over the years; Dark Berry, Cream Soda, Cherry and even Cherry Vanilla! So the news of another flavor shouldn't surprise us, but I did find it interesting that it was almost on point with Valentine's Day. Check out how Dr. Pepper decided to make the announcement!

Strawberries and Cream is the new flavor that has lots of Texans searching for it on every store shelf! I like how Dr. Pepper also gives us a zero sugar option- you know, for those who are worried about that. Dr. Pepper has confirmed that this is a permanent flavor in their lineup!

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Strawberries and Cream has proven a bit difficult to find for some Texans.

Now why would Dr. Pepper go and not make this immediately available in Texas?! Texas is the home of Dr. Pepper!

Those who have been lucky enough to find a case and finally taste it, they are describing the flavor to us, and I have to say, it sounds appetizing!

Those Creme Savers were the bomb!

I have to admit, I'm starting to get a little jealous- as a fellow Texan, I have yet to find any of these! Although, if you're like me and in El Paso, then be advised that the official Foodies of El Paso TX & Surrounding Areas group members have said that they've seen it at area Albertson's stores.

I cannot wait to try it, and trust that when I do find some, I'll be just exactly like this:

Good luck finding it, y'al!

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