Here in the Permian Basin, we're used to long lines. At the gas station, the fast-food restaurant, the grocery store, the oil change place, everywhere. Doesn't matter if you're going to the car wash with the car or out to eat with the family at a great place-you're going to have to wait. The same thing has been the case when it comes to turning in prescriptions and having them filled, no matter what Pharmacy you use. And you think to yourself "Well, instead of going inside and standing in line at the counter-I'll use the drive-thru". Only to discover there are ten cars ahead of you there as well.

That's been my experience living here for the past 23 months, anyway. Hurry up and wait. But now it's going to get even better. Because now, Walgreens has reduced their hours at the Pharmacy. At least, at the Big Spring Street and Wadley location in Midland, anyway. The new and improved hours are now 9 am till 6 pm Monday thru Friday (No more evening hours at all), and completely closed all day on Saturday and Sunday with NO weekend hours anymore.


So the staffing shortage in just about every other type of business out there--fast food, retail, gas stations, and car washes--you name it; it's now made it to the Pharmacy Tech positions as well. So-if you need a prescription filled and this is your location of choice for whatever reason--you live nearby or it's convenient for work--it's not the most convenient any longer. No telling what the other Walgreens locations look like when it comes to this because this reporter didn't spend the day driving around thru drive-thru windows to be sure they weren't affected. All I know is this is the location I use because I live nearby, and now I'll have to drive farther or just pick a different Pharmacy altogether due to the new hours at this location. Bummer. It was close!

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