Morgan Wallen is the topic of most radio shows this morning, not just country radio shows. Some all are calling for a boycott and some don't seem to care. I am going to give you my two cents on the issue.

I am not going to give the entire story here, but if you want to read it check it out on our website: To sum it up, Morgan Wallen was caught on video using a racial slur, which he has now apologized for. Now some country radio stations are pulling him form their play lists and others giving their opinions.

Here is my take. First and foremost I do not condone anyone using said racial slur in any capacity. I think it is a horrible word and should never ever be used. I am not defending him using the word or saying it is expectable. However it can't be ok for some to use it and not ok for others. About 8 out of 10 rap songs have the certain racial slur in them and that's ok?  If you don't want others saying certain things, you shouldn't say them yourselves. If you want there to be change, set the example.

Once again not defending Morgan, but take a look at the context he used the word. If you watch the video you can see he is almost using them as fighting words. I don't feel he was using it to directly call a person that. If a different group of men had sad the same thing, there would be no issue.

This kid is young and coming into an overwhelming state of fame that he doesn't know how to deal with. I not making excuses for him. I think he is in a place were someone should come in a truly offer some guidance in this time in his life. He has the biggest selling album out there right now and I would hate to see everything that is lining up for him be instantly stripped away.

Should Morgan have found a better choice of words YES! Should he ever use that word ever, NO! Do I think it will hurt his career, I don't think so. Will there be backlash yes. Will the country music fan base turn their backs on him, NO!

Not saying this a correct way of thinking but I think more country music fans were bothered by Garth Brooks singing at the inauguration, then what Morgan Wallen has said. So if certain country radio stations want to pull him off, go ahead, that is what they feel is right. But don't be surprised if Morgan's album sales and downloads go up in the next few days.

Do I think this is Dixie Chick kind of situation, No I don't.

Again, I don't agree with him using the word in any capacity and absolutely hate the word and do net let anyone around me use it. But I don't foresee Morgan seeing fallback. In fact as messed up as it is, he just might get bigger.

Brett Carlsen, Getty Images


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