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So, I had to go out of town for a weekend and I let my MAN stay at my apartment while I was out. Well, when I got back, um..he had MOVED ALL MY FURITURE AROUND! I'm talking living room and bedroom. Who does this? I didn't ask him to do this and when I told him what's up with this, he said he just wanted to rearrange it better. Yeah, NO, needless to say I was kid of weirded out by this and a little bothered he didn't ask me. He told me I was unappreciative, really? Was I?


Athena grow up or tell him to leave

Beatriz Girl it’s not a big deal

Kristal Maybe he thought you just needed a bit of energy flow? ‍♀️ lol
But seriously, if you don't like change it back when he leaves. If it's your house, do whatever you want. But I see it as a nice gesture.

HerediaI don't see anything wrong with shoot I wouldn't mind at all I would been happy .some females are just to picky and if there man doesn't help around the house they start complaining just be appreciated that at least yours tried to help.

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