As you know last week I was invited to attend the Garth Brooks at Gruene Hall Dive Bar Stop. Garth was gracious enough to meet with all the radio people that had come to celebrate with him and we got to take pictures with him.

Using my crafty cropping skills I cropped the picture to just reflect Garth and I and I posted it on Facebook, because come on that's a big deal, to take a pic with Garth.

Of course various comments came along with the pic including one friend jokingly asking if I had a new boyfriend. Which I replied with "I wish!"

My almost 90 year old Grandma called my mom last night asking if I had a new boyfriend I hadn't told anyone about. So my asked her what she was talking about and my Grandma said she had seen a picture of me on Facebook with a very nice looking young man. Mom said she busted out laughing, and I did the same when my mom told me.

I said first of all he's not young, he's in in 50's and his name is Garth Brooks and he's married. LOL I'm don't get me wrong I would love to have Garth for a boyfriend but I think he's taken.

But, Garth if you are ever available, I'm here! LOL 

Gwen and Garth

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