As you know, many have been without power, water or heat over the last several days and many were willing to do whatever to stay warm.

I was fortunate enough to have had my power stay on the entire time. I never lost power but my heater had finally had enough and decided it was done for. so I had no heat. I was luck enough to have space heaters, so I kept one in my room with the door closed and my room stayed warm. Don't worry it is a radiator style heater and have no burner or flame. It will actually shut off if it turned over.  But when my boss lost power and her and her husband came and stayed I had to figure out a way to warm up the rest of the house.

We again had to rely on space heaters. I kept seeing these posts on social media about using a clay pot, some bricks and a candle to heat up a room, so I decided to try it. The thing is I didn't have a small clay pot, bricks or tealight candles.  Here is what I had. I had a large clay flower pot and cinder blocks and a regular candle.

So I get it all set up and with my flower pot set on top of the cinder blocks. Keep in mind all of these were out in storage building so they were super cold and the pot had a hole in the top the bottom to let the water drain for flowers. That is why there is a candle on top, to cover the hole.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

After hour of the candle burning the pot kind of got a warm but definitely nothing to warm up a house. So either I definitely didn't do it right or it doesn't work.

Did anyone else out there try it? Did it work for you.

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