Let's face it, anywhere you look in Texas there's bound to be adventure somewhere. A state as big as the Lone Star state has so many different things to entertain someone who is looking to alleviate boredom. However, this is one problem.

With so much to do, how does decide what to do for fun, and more importantly where is the city in Texas that has the most fun? Thankfully for us, one organization has gathered the data to find where the most fun can be had in Texas.

Where's The Most Fun Located In Texas?

Once again, our friends at Wallethub have the research for us. This time, there's only three factors used in the determination of where to have the most fun:

- Entertainment and Recreation
- Nightlife & Parties
- Costs

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If we're being honest, that last one might be the most important to some of us living on a budget. Regardless, the data has been put together, and now it's time to fun out the most fun city in the Lone Star State.

What The Data Revealed

In what should surprise possibly not many individuals, Austin, Texas was the highest ranked city to have fun in the nation, checking in at number seven on the list. Houston was not far behind, grabbing the 18th spot on the list.

Other cities on the list in Texas were San Antonio, Dallas, Plano, and Fort Worth to name a few. But for those looking for something a bit more...interesting, you can check out the most sinful cities in Texas right here.

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