One might say that the most dangerous road in the United States, found in Texas is probably a road out here in West Texas. Some would probably tell it it is one of the roads filled with oilfield traffic that see collisions almost daily but you would be wrong. To be the most dangerous highway in the United States, a highway must have numbers like these, for every 100 miles of this highway there are 56.5 fatalities. Over a 14 year span according to Only In Your State, The US Department of Transportation reported 288 crashes and 320 deaths were reported.

The highway I am talking about is I-45. I-45 is the only primary interstate that doe not cross state lines. It is a 300 mile stretch of highway that runs from Dallas to Galveston.

What makes this highway so dangerous? According to Only In Your State, officials say:  traffic volume, congestion, texting while driving, drunk driving, and speeding as the main contributing factors.

Not only is I-45 listed as the most dangerous highway in the United States is listed as one of the most dangerous in the world.

Many people outside of Texas became familiar with I-45 during the evacuation of Hurrican Rita. I-45 was the evacuation route many took to leave South East Texas upon the arrival of Hurricane Rita. A trip that would normally take a couple of hours turned into an overnight stay or even days on the road because traffic was backed up so bad.

We take I-45 every time we fly into Houston and go over to Galveston to get on our cruise ship.

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