Whenever you come to a new city--you have to get used to new things. Not only in your neighborhood--like a new house, new way to navigate around your neighborhood, new neighbors to meet... But also different grocery stores-because chances are you've moved to a place where the stores you're used to shopping at no longer exist. And with that, comes the possibility that some of the things you love the most might be hard to find, because the stores in your new city don't carry the brands....

Like the brand of coffee you love, or in this articles' case--the brand of bacon. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. My personal favorite--Oscar Mayer Evan Williams Naturally Hardwood Smoked Maple Bourbon Bacon. There's nothing in the world like it. I'm still searching here in the Permian Basin for it so if you've seen it somewhere please drop me a note and let me know where. Gwen doesn't like bacon no matter what kind it is.... So I know I won't be able to talk her into trying it.

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But this stuff is heavenly. My family loves it when I make it with scrambled eggs for breakfast, but it's also amazing as part of a BLT, or on a burger fresh off the grill. There are some people who don't like thick cut bacon--and even though it says this is thick cut, once you cook it it's actually not that thick. If you're going to try it--call us on the morning show and tell us--I'd love to hear what you think!

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