Everyone Travels. And when you do, whether it's to another state or just down I-20 to Dallas--you see things and try things that you don't have at home. Could be a particular restaurant, whether it's fast food or a bit fancier; could be a clothing store, could be an amusement or water park.... We all come across SOMETHING we love so much we wish we had it back home. That doesn't mean we like anything we already have any less. It just means that we wish we had the choice to try this other thing too once in a while.

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For me--I am an In & Out Burger fanatic. I *love* it. In fact--I love it so much that when I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona--we would drive down the mountain 90 miles one-way to Prescott (which is almost a two hour drive one direction) JUST to be able to eat there, since that was the closest location to home. I was very excited to discover one in San Antonio when my wife and I took a trip there a few months ago! I've also seen one off the highway in Fort Worth driving thru to Dallas to see my wife's cousin. I think there needs to be one here. I don't care if it's in Midland or Odessa, it just needs to be closer than a 5 hour drive :-)

What would be YOUR "It HAS to be here!" choice? Doesn't have to be food. Can be anything! Tell us on Monday morning at 8:10am, or drop a note in the comments below!

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