One of the most fun things for coffee lovers is to try new things. And it's even MORE fun when you're new to an area, and you have a ton of local flavor to sample with a whole bunch of options that are NOT the typical chain stores you find everywhere.... My wife and I were both very excited to find that situation here in Midland! So--until we've tried them all--every Monday I will do another article on one of these fine local establishments after we're visited over the weekend. I'll save the ones who aren't open on weekends for last.

First Up:


Hand Cafe--located in the Medical Office building along with West Texas Allergy--at 5000 Briarwood Avenue. It's funny because we've literally passed this place a dozen times since moving here in July as we've taken our dogs to A-Z Veterinary Clinic and never spotted it before... The decor is unique with seats crafted into Hands:


 And they not only have a great coffee menu, but a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu that for whatever reason you can't see when you go to the website.


We went this past Sunday morning. I got a Caramel Frappe with White Chocolate Mocha (cold and blended) and my wife Vicki got a Toffee Nut Latte (hot). Both were very good and now I want to come back later in the day so that I can sample the pizza! The place was very nice--seating on multiple levels both inside the shop itself, right outside in the lobby of the building, AND upstairs too.

The staff was also very friendly and the young man behind the counter at the register was very helpful in explaining the coffee choices. We will be back! Next Monday: The Human Bean!!

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