Coffee is an essential part of my day. Not matter what, unless something crazy happens I always start out the day with a cup of coffee. I feel like if I don't have coffee my day is not right It's not just for the caffeine fix but also out of habit too. I know many of you are the same way. I even have a shirt that says no talking before coffee and for me that is a very true statement.

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day, it is also called International Coffee Day or just Coffee Day. This is a day you will find coffee shops and stops offering free coffee.  Tomorrow local Kent Kwick stores will be offering a free small coffee all day in honor of National Coffee Day.

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The Kent Companies announces that on September 29th, 2021, all Kent Kwik Convenience Store locations will be celebrating National Coffee Day with free coffee. Guests will be able to visit any Kent Kwik location and receive a free small cup of coffee. This promotion will last the entire of day of September 29th. Kent Kwik is known for their Kwik Start coffee brand and signature Texas Pecan roast. A full list of locations can be found at

The Kent Companies  is a locally owned group of businesses  that were founded in the Permian Basin back in 1957 by Buck Kent. The Kent Companies originally started as Kent Oil and Kent Distributers and has now grown to a parent company of many other businesses like Kent Kwick Convenience Stores, Baskin Robbins, Avis Lube, Mr Payroll, Rustic Cafe, Huddle House and more.


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