Back in the day if you wanted to sell something, you would take an ad out in the paper, you might have a garage sale, or maybe there was a board in town where people posted things for sale in your town. Obvisouly with the advancement in technology it has become easier to sell things by listing them online. It first started out with Ebay and Craig's List now you have all kinds of buy sell and trade groups on social media. Convenience could also lead to some trickery. Now that it is so easy to sell things online, it has also become easier to be scammed.

When I was trying to sell some furniture when I was moving I almost got scamed out of $500 because someone made me think they were using a payment app that messed up and they had sent me an extra $500 could I send it back to them? If it wasn't for my bank being on top of it, I would have lost $500.

Now there is a new scam going around. I was on Facebook yesterday and I saw a picture of a guy that someone wanted everyone to be aware of. Here is what the post read:

this Guy was suppose to buy my washer and dryer for $350.00. He wanted to see it working first, and asked if he could do a load of laundry.
After he finished he said, “let me go get the money".💰
He left with his clean clothes and he never came back!!
Please be careful out there folks‼️
I read that at first and thought "OH MY" that guy just used them to do his laundry and then I fell for it at first. I thought to myself, who would let a stranger use their washer and dryer and then it hit me it was all a joke.  I quickly realized it was a total joke especially when I saw other people sharing it.
So don't be like me and fall for this story.

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