Let's get the obvious out of the way, if the restaurant isn't clean or if it smells, or if the service is bad. Those things are a given but here are some different things that might keep me from coming back.  We all know I am weird so none of this should surprise you. We all have make-or-break deals about things in life, I have weird make-it-or-break-it deals about restaurants.

BBQ Places: If the potato salad isn't good at a BBQ place, I won't eat their BBQ. This is the one I am most picky about. I am so picky about my potato salad. I don't care how great the bbq is, if the potato salad isn't good, I am not eating there. I love the potato salad at Rudy's. I will buy it by the carton. I also love the potato salad at Tall City Meat Market. If you have never had Underwood's in Brownwood, you need to try theirs. The crazy thing is, all of these potato salads are made very different but they are all good to me.

Mexican Food: It's a double whammy for Mexican food restaurants. It comes down to their salsa and their queso. If I don't like their salsa or their queso, I won't eat there.  When I was growing up in Seminole, we had a Mexican food restaurant called Cardona's and the salsa was so good, you could practically drink it. There are a lot of good places in the basin that have good salsa. Is there one place you go to just for the salsa? I love the green salsa at Abuelo's.

david franklin

Chinese Food: If the fried rice isn't good, I am most likely not going to eat there, unless it's Panda Express because I really like their noodles. LOL

Ketchup: This goes for any kind of restaurant. If you don't have good ketchup, if they use the off-brand, I will not go back. They must have Heinz or Whataburger.


What is something that will make or break a restaurant for you?


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