Back when I worked in Southwest Michigan radio I did a fun thing where listeners could call our show and say they wanted to trade places with me on the job. I could go and do their job one morning while they came into the studio with my then-partner Robin and do the show with her, while I was out doing THEIR job. And there were so many who were able to convince their bosses to let me come in and give it a shot in their place (of course, the free publicity on the radio didn't hurt, either). :-)

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I think the most fun I had was working the McDonald's Drive Thru, on the speaker taking orders and punching them into the register, and passing out food (this was back before they turned it into a two-window system and it all happened at one). Of course, we were also doing live check-ins on the radio during the morning show at the same time so it was fun to get to say HI to folks who listened to our show on their way thru the drive thru line to get coffee and head on to work. I was thinking about that the other day and it made me want to ask the question here in West Texas: Midland, Stanton, Kermit--Wherever You Work In The Basin, If You Could Change Jobs With Anyone Who Would It Be? And Why?

Comment below and tell us, or call the show tomorrow morning. Maybe we'll come out and switch places and you can do the show with Gwen one morning while I go do YOUR job!

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