Midland and Odessa have always been at odds with each other for as long as I have been alive. Like the saying that went around that Midland is where you raise a family and Odessa is where you raise hell, so which city got the worst reviews online?

These reviews are posted on BestPlaces.net.

Odessa Reviews:


Eric was born here and got away as soon as he could and damn when he got away, he got as far away as he could, all the way to Chesapeake, VA.



Frank is really not happy and probably typed that so fast he didn't bother to use the shift key. He also feels safer with the gang members in Las Vegas and I am not really sure what point he was trying to make in his P.S.



This one is by far my favorite, especially the part about garbage and litter growing out of the ground. This review was written in 2012 when it was still cheap to live in the area as you can tell by him saying "The cost of living is low" but the cost of apartments has started getting to Dallas cost level here at least.


Midland reviews:


Not sure if Kelso is male or female but I am assuming female since they claim Midland is not a good place for females and also because they were living with a female, or gay male, who had strange men wandering around the house at all hours. Kelso also got as far away as they could and relocated to the state of Washington.



Devin doesn't like the cost of living but is happy with the people here but still gave Midland only a two-star rating.
Judging from the reviews I found, no one is exceptionally happy living here but Midland seemed to get the better part of the reviews where Odessa's reviews had nothing nice in them, so it's up to you to decide which city got the worse reviews.


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