In case you didn't know there's a law in Texas that says you cannot leave your car running unattended. Doesn't matter if you're warming it up while it's winter, or if you leave it running in the driveway while you run inside for a minute to grab something you forgot... In Texas, that's a no-no. And there's a good reason for it. That's when thieves like to come along, jack your door open and take off with your vehicle. And it's happening all over the Permian--more than you think it is. So don't give anyone the opportunity to take off with one of the most important possessions you have. I'd rather be a little chilly or a little warm getting in to go to work than to lose my car. I'm sure you feel the same way.

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Something thieves are doing now to mess with you is when you've stopped for gas-they wedge a bottle between the frame of your car and the tire--so that when you pull away and you hear the noise and the THUD--and stop to get out to see what the noise was--they hop in your car and take off. So if you come out and see a bottle sitting on your tire-don't get in your car. Turn around, go back into the gas station and call the police. Chances are the person putting it there was caught on camera and the police can look at the video to determine the culprit, and hopefully catch them. Just a few things to be aware of while we go thru another West Texas winter and the temps finally start to get below freezing semi-regularly.


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