We've all seen the lists... "What do we need in this area?" or "What Businesses Would You Love To See Come To West Texas?" etc etc. And there are always a lot of great suggestions-like In & Out Burger, A Water Park, and Wawa, among others. But what about things we have too much of? Things we see around every corner that should probably be spread to other areas to 'share the love', so to speak?


One thing we definitely don't need any more of here in the Permian Basin--is WIND. We already have plenty of that. Enough to blow around on the breeze in the summer, forcing you to drive around here with the windows rolled up and the AC on so you don't get it in your face while you're driving...



Another thing we don't need more of here is birds. Grackles, to be exact. Sure--they're cute and goofy and make all kinds of crazy sounds... But seeing them on the power lines driving around the city and on rooftops in the neighborhoods-the sheer number of them reminds you of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Besides--have you parked in the lot at Salt Grass Steakhouse in Midland recently? They love the trees there so much there's bird poop all over everything-the concrete parking spaces and sidewalks-everywhere including your car when you come out after dinner. I enjoy them-but we don't need any more of them.

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And something else we don't need more of here in the Basin-TRUCKS. No matter what time of day you drive, no matter where you're going-they are EVERYWHERE here and they are constant. Between the oil field and the stores here--one thing is for sure: with all these trucks in and out and around 24/7, there shouldn't even be any shortage of supplies of ANYTHING.


Another thing we don't need more of is Pets in Animal Shelters or running loose on the streets of the Basin. If you can't commit to taking care of an animal for the duration of its life--THEN DON'T GET ONE.

Abused abandoned dog in exile

What else DON'T we need more of? Share this and comment in the comments and tell us!

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