The Migrant Facility that opened in Midland back on March 14th with absolutely no communication from the Biden Administration, Homeland Security, or anyone in Government making these decisions to local officials--catching everyone from the Mayor of Midland to Governor Abbott by surprise--will be officially closing for good next week. Midland Mayor Patrick Payton made the announcement this morning after receiving the information from Health and Human Services via Congressman August Pfluger's office.

The HHS Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Midland has housed children that were picked up at the border for the past 3 months. No one has said where the remaining residents of the facility will be relocated to. We had Midland Mayor Patrick Payton on the morning show with Gwen and I shortly after it was opened in March--where he shared with us that local and state officials got absolutely no advance notification the Federal Government intended on opening the facility or what the intended use was going to be. According to Mayor Payton, he told us that morning on the air that they got a middle of the night phone call and that's how local officials were informed that bus loads of migrant children were headed to Midland.

As of about a month ago the facility was at half capacity with around 300 children aged 17 or under. There is also a similar facility in Pecos that currently has over a thousand teens housed there. The fate of that facility and the residents housed there hasn't been discussed.

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