What's the old saying, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach?! Women are always wondering what to get their man for Valentine's day, how about a steak! Show him how much you love him by getting him a heart-shaped steak.

I didn't think people really had heart-shaped steaks. I thought it was an internet joke until I say it on social media. Tall CIty Meat Market in Midland has heart-shaped steaks. At least you know he will enjoy you it and you can have a romantic dinner. He will get to grill and you will get your romantic dinner. Grab a bottle of wine and bam, it's a romantic dinner. You can get big steaks or small steaks, whatever your little heart desires. You can even get the sides there too.

If you  want to get him something more than just a steak,  get him seasonings and sauces or stuff for the grill to go with the grill.

Guys you can grill her up a heart-shaped steak. Plan a romantic dinner for her by grilling for her. I promise you will get extra points for the heart-shaped steak.

Tall City Meat Market
Tall City Meat Market



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