If you drive anywhere here in the Permian Basin you are bound to run into some kind of road construction. I used to always think Odessa was constantly under construction. You could go anywhere without getting stuck in construction somewhere. Midland has now evened the playing field by having construction going all over town. Why can't they just finish one project before they start another one? I am grateful they are trying to expand roadways because our little towns were not meant for all of these people and all of this traffic.

The overpass construction on 191 started earlier this year and is quite an obstacle when traffic is heavy. One day I was coming back to the station on 191 and I was run off the road right where the road zig zags by the barriers. Someone decided they didn't want to drive against the barriers so they swerved into my lane causing me to have to move off the road into the gravel and rock which blewout my tire. Luckily the only thing harmed was my tire that blew out but buying a new tire for a Mercedez wasn't fun.

Another construction zone that causes me great angst is the loop entrance at Wadley Ave. People have to start being aware of the traffic around them. If someone is getting on the loop right there, drivers have to let them over or they are going to run straight into a concrete barrier. There is nowhere else for them to go. If you are in the right-hand land and you can't get over then slow down and allow people trying to get on the loop to get over.

If don't start paying more attention and being more courteous while driving, someone is going to get killed right there. Please everyone drive with caution and try to stay safe out there.

Do you know any other bad traffic areas to warn folks about? If you do let me know so I can share them.

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