If you have been a resident of Midland County for a long period of time, you would associate Sherriff Gary Painter with the Sherriff's Office, since he was Sherriff for around 30 years. Another name you would associate with the Midland County Sherriff's Office and Crime Stoppers is Sgt Ray Weatherby. Many of you at the mention of his name can hear his voice saying " I am Sgt. Ray Weatherby with the Midland the County Sherriff's Office and Crime Stoppers. None of will ever forget the way he ended ever spot. He would always through in something colorful like, if you have information that leads to the arrest of these scumbags, it could be worth $1000 reward. Or you he would say something like these low lives, or if you know these worthless thieves. You could always count on Ray to be a laugh.

From the Midland County Sherriff's Office:

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of retired Lieutenant Raymond F. “Ray” Weatherby, Jr. Weatherby passed away Wednesday evening.
Lieutenant Weatherby worked for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office from 1987 to 2019. He will be missed.
Please keep Lieutenant Weatherby’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.
Funeral arrangements are pending.
Rest In Peace, Ray Weatherby, you will be missed. Ray was our MCSO Crime Stoppers Coordinator for several years and a really great man who served his community well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family 🙏🏼😢

We always loved when he came to the station to cut his commercials. He always had an interesting story to tell us or we would try to get the inside scoop on the latest major case they were working on.

I don't know if you guys remember this one. Ray Weatherby would not only do Crim Stoppers for radio but he would do it for TV as well. One weekend he was doing his

attachment-Ray Weatherby

spot and they forgot to edit the take and left a certain word in that they should have. He said a four letter word that some of use very often.

Sgt Ray Weatherby you were a great man and you will be missed. From all of us here at LoneStar 923 and TownSquare Media thank you for your service.


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