This week-our stop was Bean and Grape--at 3211 W. Wadley Avenue in Midland..... This is a different kind of shop as the serve alcoholic beverages as well as great coffee and food, too! From the moment you walk in--you can tell this is where the "in" crowd assembles on the weekend to enjoy Sunday brunch and the mimosa's! That, of course, is what we opted to partake in--so I can't speak from a place of experience when it comes to the coffee this time... But my wife had both. Mimosa with breakfast, coffee on the way out.


You can get the Mimosa's two different ways--by the glass or by the bottle. We opted for the glass--as we had to get back to the Lonestar 92.3 studios to decorate for Gwen's anniversary the next morning. To accompany the mimosa's, my wife ordered "The Egg  Plate"--two eggs with cheese, scrambled with sausage on the side and a yummy buttermilk biscuit. I had "The Three Egg Omelet" which includes spinach, mushrooms, and cheese in the omelet. I opted for no mushrooms. Both were very good! And of course the mimosa's went down smoothly.


They also have a terrific selection of wines--something for every taste. A wine list that covers everything, whether you're a red or white fan--from sweet to dry and everything in between. As far as coffee goes--the one disappointing thing for me is that they don't do the blended cold coffee drinks there--so my wife ordered a hot mocha to go. Still--all in all it was a great experience and always good to keep it local!

Next week: River Coffee Company!

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