This next one definitely fits the "Locally Owned" part-but we're playing it a little loose on the "coffee" part. Yes, they DO offer Espresso, Cappucino and Americano, but it's mainly a Gelato place. Still--100% worth the trip and visit to check out the goods!

A little something for everyone, I'd say. I'm talking about Amara Gelato--at 3303 N. Midkiff Rd in Midland in the San Miguel Shopping Center. They're open 1pm-9pm during the week and until 10pm on the weekend. They have a great selection of gelato flavors-and it was hard to choose the very first time out...

We settled on three. Strawberry, Honey Lavender, and Coconut Almond. Having never tried it before we went with the smallest size. VERY tasty--and fun to eat with the small little scoop they give you with the cup. But as you can see, there are a lof of choices--and you can't take one of everything on just one visit. All the more reason to stop back by to try new things. Always a great part of the adventure when you're trying new things in your new home town!

The staff is very friendly and it doesn't take long to get your order. I did let a few people cut in front of me in line because they already knew what they wanted--so clearly there are a lot of fans of this local establishment already. If you haven't tried it--I'd make it a definite stop-especially with the warm temperatures here in the Basin this week!

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