Still considered a newbie here in West Texas, having only been here 20 months, I'm enjoying learning about the history of this region known as the Permian Basin. Like how the names of the towns around here came to be once it was discovered that oil was in abundance here, and this was worth setting up establishments around it, creating the places we all now call our homes. It's my understanding, based on lore, that Midland was originally named "Midway" because it is the halfway point between Dallas and El Paso. But once someone figured out there was already a "Midway, Texas,"-it was renamed "Midland." Some of the previous slogans for the city included "Midland-In The Middle Of Somewhere," "The Sky's The Limit," and "Midland: Oil, Livestock, and Financial Center of the Permian Basin." The current slogan is "Feel The Energy," based on the products produced in the region.

If you had the power to change the city's slogan, what would it be and why? (Let's not get nasty here, this is for fun!). Like "Blowing Dirt Capital Of The World" or "If the Wind Doesn't Sting Your Face, The Scorpions Will"... Or better yet, "Home Of The Longest Drive Thru Lines In America!"... "Where did All The Green Grass Go?"... "The TRUE windy city!"... "Home Of The Dust Bowl" (well, ok, we need to talk to the Big 12 about that last one first)... Next time you have the whole family around the dinner table, ask them: "What would a great slogan for Midland be?' and add them to the comments below. We'd love to read them!

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