If you have ever been in the Cornerstone Shopping Center at the corner of Midland Drive and Loop 250, especially in the mornings or around dusk, then you have seen the massive gatherings of grackles. You know those annoying black birds. During these time periods, it seems like there are hundreds gathered in the parking lot and in the area.

The City of Midland is now going to try to relocate these birds by trying a noise activation method to move them. Beginning Monday, January 24th, if you are in the area you hear loud thunderous noises around dusk. The sound won't be harmful to the birds or anyone else. It is just a way to try to relocate these pesky birds.

From the City of Midland:

Beginning Monday, January 24, through Wednesday, January 26, a USDA Wildlife Services employee will use a device referred to as a bird banger to deter grackles in the area of Midland Drive and Loop 250.

Bird bangers are fired from a hand-held launcher that looks similar to a hand gun and travel approximately 100 feet in the air before producing a loud thunderclap noise.
Please be aware that you may hear loud noises beginning at dusk and concluding shortly thereafter for three consecutive evenings (Jan. 24-26) in this particular area.
Please know that bird bangers are strictly used as a deterrent to relocate birds and cause no harm.
For media related questions, please contact Wildlife Services at (210) 561-3801.
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this will be helpful and the grackles will move on safely.

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