Man charged with murder and setting his girlfriend on fire sounds like something you would see on Dateline or something that you would see on the ID channel, but sadly, it happened here in Midland. On November 2nd, the Midland Fire Department was called out to a fire where they found the burned remains of 25 year old Saffire Armenta.

The Midland County Sherriff's Office issued a murder warrant for Sergio Antonio Cerno for the death of Saffire Armenta who was believed to be her boyfriend.  He was arrested for unrelated charges in Reeves County.

Reeves County Sherriff's Office
Reeves County Sherriff's Office

According to the Midland Reporter Telegram: 

A probable cause affidavit for Cerna, 37, states that he sent threatening messages to Armenta, 25, before she died. Those messages allegedly included one that said, “Your car is going to be burned down then you will be next.”

Cerna also allegedly messaged Armenta that he wanted to see her “plead for your fingers and your life.”

MCSO investigators interviewed Cerna while he was in custody at Reeves County jail. His affidavit states that he told investigators he last spoke to Armenta on Oct. 28 when she stole 8 ounces of crystal meth from him.

In the text messages cited in his affidavit, Cerna accused Armenta of contacting the police and called her a “snitch.” He allegedly texted Armenta that her death would be an “example for the rest.”

The affidavit states that Cerna killed Armenta in retaliation for her taking his methamphetamine and calling the police on him. A polygraph examination was conducted in Reeves County, which Cerna failed, according to the affidavit.


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