I am just shaking my head at this one! The Great Debate today is between mac and cheese or spaghettiO's . Once again my choice is going to be obvious, I'm taking mac and cheese.  I love mac and cheese. I did eat SpaghettiO's as kid and would still them today but when you compare the two mac and cheese wins all the way. This might be Gunner's most ridiculousness yet.

Funny story for you, I never ate box mac and cheese until I went to college. I loved it when I was younger but now I have to have the homemade. My mom has always made it from scratch.  She would use Velveeta, milk, noodles, butter and some other special touches I can't reveal.

Mac and Cheese is always a side that can be found on our table at all family gatherings. It's kind of thing of who will make it. Will it be my mom, my cousin or myself. Funny thing is each one of makes it homemade but each one of us makes it differently. It's still always good though.

I was so surprised at the support for Gunner this morning. I couldn't believe all the support for Gunner's side in the beginning. There were numerous listeners coming out to support his side. I was shocked, then finally people came to my rescue on the phone and online.

Now don't get me wrong I am not bashing SpeghettiO's in any kind of way because I like SpeghettiO's. In fact just the other day I told somebody that I was actually wanting them.

R Rob M Ferguson

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