Country stars were feeling summery this week, creating music videos chock full of stunning scenery and iconic backdrops. Which locale is your dream destination for a summer getaway?

Luke Bryan, "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset":

Luke Bryan's “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” music video depicts a quintessential summer romance. It follows a young couple falling in love, and includes everything a summer romance should be: Bikinis, boats, sunsets and plenty of fun. While Bryan hasn't disclosed the filming location, the general consensus from fans on social media has all signs pointing to Dale Hollow Lake at Sunset Marina in Byrdstown, Tenn. It's located just a couple of hours from Nashville near the Kentucky and Tennessee border. The video has stunning aerial shots of the lake -- both during the day and at night -- and it looks like the perfect place to fall in love.

“‘Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset’ is, it’s a perfect song in my opinion.  It’s reflective,” Bryan says. “It talks about love in a summer and summer love. It doesn’t get any better than summer love way back when." --CV

Sam Hunt, “Downtown’s Dead”:

In mid June, Sam Hunt released a lyric video for single "Downtown's Dead," and it left a lot of fans scratching their heads. Where was it filmed? What did it mean? The video featured Hunt walking his motorcycle down a four-lane road ... and that's pretty much it. Now, it all comes together with the official music video, filmed in Mexico's colonial San Sebastián Bernal.

The town, founded in the 1640s, is brimming with history. It's located at the bottom of Peña de Bernal, the third highest peak in the world. Bernal's colorful architecture, landscapes, cobblestone streets and distinct culture are a vibrant setting for "Downtown's Dead." In the music video, Hunt's bike breaks down, and he wanders through the village, hoping to find help to restore it. Definitely not a bad place to break down! --CV

Jordan Davis, “Take It From Me”:

When Jordan Davis began working on the music video for "Take It From Me," he had an idea of what he wanted: “We really wanted to mix it up with this video," Davis tells Billboard. "Since ‘Singles You Up’ was shot in the desert in El Paso, Texas, the first thing that came to mind was New York. I love the energy and feeling you get when you’re in it, and thought it’d be a perfect fit for this video." He adds, "I wanted it to play on the song but not be too on the nose. I feel like we kept it fun, and I hope the fans enjoy it."

The "Take It From Me" music video, directed by Eric Ryan Anderson, is completely different from "Singles You Up." Besides the location change, there's a more rebellious tone to it (think pickpocketing and clubbing) as well as a really interesting storyline. It works with the song, but certainly doesn't try to emulate it word for word. “‘Take It From Me’ is a song about the early stages of a relationship when it doesn’t matter what she wants from you, she can take it -- your time, your shirts, anything -- she can have it," Davis says. "I think everybody has gone through that honeymoon phase of a relationship.” --CV

Drake White, "Girl in Pieces":

Drake White puts everything back together for a lovelorn young lady in the video for his new song, "Girl in Pieces."  The upbeat lyrics promise to deliver a heartbroken girl from her unhappiness with a little road trip. Moving from the bright sunlight of waterfall hikes to the dim light of a dive bar, changing the scenery eventually does the trick fo his damsel in distress. White says the song, written by Busbee, Brad Tursi and Troy Verges, parallels the love story he shares with his wife, Alex. "Girl in Pieces" is the first track off White's LP Pieceswhich he released in May. --LS

Morgan Evans, "American":

Morgan Evans calls his newest single a " song to the U.S. and the American girl that makes it feel like home.” The video for "American" was filmed over the course of 10 days in 10 American cities while the Australian native was on tour in the U.S. The video features footage of Evans' travels and concerts along the way. This ode to the all-American girl won over audiences coast-to-coast as Evans sold out his first headlining shows in L.A,, Atlanta and New York City. --LS

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