We love to see new restaurants come to the tall city and a new steakhouse is on it's way. On Monday the Planning and Zoning Commission approved for changes to be made at Loop 250 and Midkiff for a site west of Bubba's 33 on the north side of Midland Park Mall.

Which means it will be in the mall parking lot and take away more parking from the mall. Bubba's 33 already changed parking at the mall and now Longhorn Steakhouse will take up even more. During the really busy times of the year there is not a enough space to park as it its. What do you think?

We do know the property has been purchased by Longhorn Steakhouse, their next step is to gain access for a building permit. Then the City Council will have to vote on it.

So it looks as if we could see a Longhorn Steakhouse in our future!

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