LoneStar 923 and Midessa Concerts are proud to welcome Parker McCollum to the Hacienda Event Center Friday April 9th.

We are so proud to welcome back our Texas boy "The Limestone Kid." We have known about Parker here in Texas long before anyone else did. We came to love Parker for hits like "I Can't Breathe" and "Hell Of Year," which definitely could have been our anthem for 2020.

Parker McCollum signed with Universal Music Group in 2019 and in October of 2020 he got his very first number one hit with "Pretty Heart"

Tickets for the show will be on sale this morning at 11am today (March 5th). This is an all ages show. Tickets are $45 in advance and will be $55 at the door.


Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

Last time Parker played here we pretty much had a sold out show so you don't want wait around to get your tickets.

You always wonder what makes an artist the type of artist they become and where the pull their ambition from, Parker's is quite interesting. Parker says he loves to pull from the emotion of a song.

In speaking with McCollum, it’s easy to detect the sense of wonderment and romance he still attaches to the brutally honest songwriters he first revered during his teenage years. Men like Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, Steve Earle and James McMurtry — even as a wide-eyed and innocent young man, McCollum sensed these musicians were speaking to a more powerful truth.

“It would jerk my soul out of me,” he says of encountering and quickly becoming enamored with their music and subsequently dedicating his life to molding songs of a similarly revealing bent. “There’s nothing else I’ve ever encountered that has had as much influence on me,” he explains. “That’s all I wanted to listen to. It was my thing.”

To that end, when he began writing the songs that would ultimately comprise Probably Wrong, McCollum felt it necessary to be alone with little more than his emotions and a guitar. “I needed to write this record and be on my own,” he says of what led him to end a two-year relationship and retreat inward. “I felt very misunderstood throughout the entire situation,” he adds. “I broke my own heart for the first time just to write this record.” For six weeks, McCollum did nothing but stare at a piece of paper filled with soul-crushing lyrics and engage with his sadness. “And I’m not a sad person,” he says with a laugh. “But I had done it to myself … intentionally.”

The pain still lingers, but McCollum says accessing it to write his new album allowed him to pen some of his most poignant material to date. “Hell of a Year,” which he calls his “sleeper favorite of the record,” came from McCollum breaking down one night in his truck in a fast-food parking lot. “My heart’s out of love/I fell out of line/I swore I’d never leave again/And I lied,” he sings over a gentle acoustic guitar figure. “When I set out to write this record this was the type of song I was gunning for,” he says of “Hell of a Year.” “It was the hardest song I’ve ever written as far as being that honest. But after doing so, I could go back to being happy for a little bit.” On the slow-rolling “Misunderstood,” the singer throws his hands in the air and makes peace with what he can’t control. “You told me I was no good/It’s alright babe/I’m pretty used to being misunderstood.”

Singing such soul-baring songs is a decidedly therapeutic act for McCollum. “When the melody is so spot-on, and it hooks me, everything that I have been bottling up or not talking about comes out.” It’s why the singer says he lives to perform. “Next to songwriting my live show is most important,” he offers.   parkermccolum.com


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