As you know I have been working with 3:11 Ministries, which helps provide for the needs of our local children, whether it be back to school, Christmas or Prom.

The main reason I love working with this organization is because they work directly with the schools to find out the kids that actually have a need, not just looking for a hand out. As we get closer to the start of school, 3:11 Ministries still needs to help out 78 kiddos.

We need 78 heroes to donate $84.
We have to place another bulk order of uniforms TOMORROW in order for them to arrive & be distributed before school starts next week. Your donation of $84 will provide a student in need with school uniforms and new shoes to start the school year off right.
As of 9am, 78 students are still waiting to be sponsored. We can do this. If you can’t donate, send prayers, share, tell your friends, tell your family.
Join us TODAY & help us make a difference for the children in our community!


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