The Otero County Commissioner and January 6th insurrectionist Cuoy Griffin can no longer serve in his elected position.

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A District Judge ruled that Griffin, who can be seen in a video using a downed protective barrier to climb into the U.S. Capitol, is ineligible to serve as an elected official under the 14th Amendment’s Disqualification Clause.

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I’m including some images of Griffin clambering up a barricade on January 6th because Couy likes to claim he “didn’t know he was trespassing”.   Yes, he was using a downed metal fence as a ladder to gain access to the capitol but, sure, how was HE supposed to know he was going someplace he wasn’t allowed?

Griffin, who’s already been convicted and served a 14-day jail sentence, said booting him from office would be against the will of the voters who elected him. Judge Francis Mathew disagreed, noting the irony of Griffin complaining about “the will of the voters” while he’s been convicted of…attempting to overthrow the will of the voters in a “free, fair and lawful election”.

Then, Judge Mathew dropped the lipstick line: “His protestations …are not credible and amounted to nothing more than attempting to put lipstick on a pig.”

Here’s another report that includes a video of Griffin committing insurrection against the United States of America. He looks like he’s having a good time trying to destroy Democracy!

Griffin is supposed to be some kind of cowboy or something. He started an organization called “Cowboys For Trump” and has said that “the only good Democrat is a dead democrat” and that black people should “go back to Africa”.

After the comments back in 2020, Griffin says he was informed by Trump’s people that the former President no longer wanted to be associated with “Cowboys For Trump”.

Let that sink in. TRUMP thought this guy was too racist…then, Griffin STILL went to Trump’s insurrection the following year. What…a…cuck. 

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